Yomega Brain Yo-Yo

Sleeping, walking the dog, and rocking the cradle may sound like a boring list of chores. Still, if you were raised in the nineties, you’d immediately recognize these as tricks you could perform with your Yomega Brain yo-yo. While yo-yo toys have been around forever, a combination of industry innovation and marketing cleverness made them a must-have toy in the 1990s. Built around a centrifugal clutch system, The Yo-Yo with a Brain opened on the downswing for long steady spins with the flick of a wrist. It could also return automatically to the throwers hand once the rotation slowed down.  

Founded in 1984, the Yomega yo-yo company was one of the premier manufacturers of yo-yos. Besides the Brain, the company also fashioned the Yomega Fireball, Raider, and Stealth Raider. The Brain’s brightly colored or translucent body weighed about 58 grams and was made of polycarbonate. It featured an automatic clutch mechanism with a low friction plastic bearing. It could be unscrewed to untangle knots or apply lubrication. It was known as a good yo-yo for beginner yo-yo enthusiasts to learn tricks. The Yo-Yo with a Brain was a worldwide best-seller for Yomega. Towards the end of the nineties, a lucrative partnership between Yomega and the HPK Marketing firm sparked the fuse for the yo-yo craze to follow, and the team sold an estimated 30 million yo-yos worldwide.

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