Stretch Armstrong Figure

This iconic toy still maintains a wrestler’s grip on the American imagination more than 44 years after it was first released to the public. Originally developed and produced by the toy company Kenner Products in 1976, Stretch Armstrong was the first flexible hero in a long line of novelty stretch toys that were sold in the 1970s including Stretch Monster, Stretch X-Ray, and Stretch Olivia – a pink female octopus with eight elastic limbs. 

The first Stretch Armstrong measured in at only 15 inches but could expand to a length of four or five feet thanks to a flexible rubber latex skin and a body filled with a gel made from boiled corn syrup. Stretch’s malleable construction inspired children across the United States to test the limits of his elasticity, but he always returned to his original shape. 

Stretch Armstrong made a memorable popular culture comeback in the 1990s when Cap Toys re-released the popular action figure along with his faithful canine companion Fetch Armstrong and evil twin Evil X-Ray Wretch Armstrong. Today, the current product is produced by the children’s toy company Jazwares based in Sunrise, Florida. 

The doll now measures 12 inches tall and weighs in at about three pounds – a proper fighting weight for a toy that continues to mesmerize both new and previously acquainted audiences. Perform a quick online search today and you’ll find a wide collection of online videos of both kids and adults still experimenting with Stretch Armstrong’s stretchiness and testing the limits of the iconic strong man’s durability

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