Polly Pocket

Toymakers in the 1990s really were all about the portable toy. From the Tamagotchi and portable CD players to handheld electronics like the Game Boy Color, if you couldn’t take it with you, what good was it to a nineties kid? Aimed at a somewhat younger audience than the previously mentioned gadgets, Polly Pocket fit an entire miniature world – or at least part of one – into the palm of a child’s hand. Teeny-tiny Polly and her pals could travel with you anywhere and with a click and a snap, you basically had a miniature dollhouse ready to go. In fact, the original idea for the shape of Polly Pocket’s house was based on a makeup powder compact, which the toy creator Chris Wiggs outfitted as a house for a doll less than an inch tall.  

Constructed from brightly colored plastic in a variety of appealing shapes and sizes, Polly Pocket environments were always on the deluxe side. She often had a pool for swimming, which enterprising youngsters could fill with a little bit of water to make it even more realistic. Small removable accessories like pool floats, chairs, and tables would rattle around in the case like beans inside a maraca but they made Polly’s world even more realistic and entertaining, especially as you watched your parents hunt for them in between the car seats when they got lost! Her petite character lived on for years through a web series and in 2018 a Polly Pocket cartoon was released on Family Channel.

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