Baby-G Pink Digital Sport Watch

One of the most recognizable accessories of the middle-to-late 1990s is an oversized, pastel plastered watch that turned time telling into a fashion statement. The Baby G digital sports watch was a slenderer version of the original G-Shock line of watches produced by the Japanese electronics company Casio. Introduced in the mid-1980s, these rugged watches were popular among sports and outdoor enthusiasts for their ability to withstand rough conditions, drops from high heights, and water up to 200-metres deep.  The Baby G took this idea and recreated it for a new audience, featuring a design that was highlighted by its bright colors and bulky plastic wristbands. 

Introduced in 1994, the Baby G was originally marketed towards women. The watch retailed for roughly between $100-$200 and its chunky aesthetic and bright colored appearance made it the “it” accessory of the late ‘90s.  By 1998, an estimated 19 million G-shock watches had been sold. Despite their red-hot popularity towards the end of the century, the Baby-G Digital Sports Watch has also been making a subtle comeback as a new wave of wearers embrace this standard 1990s look.

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