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Before you were old enough to watch Saturday Night Live, there was All That — a children's sketch variety program that aired on Nickelodeon between 1994 and 2005. All That was part of Nickelodeon's SNICK lineup, a two-hour block of Saturday night TV programming that was virtually mandatory viewing for the teen and tween set. The show launched the careers of sketch comedians Kenan Thompson, Nick Cannon, Amanda Bynes, Kel Mitchell, Josh Server, and Danny Tamberelli. The 30-minute variety show mimicked SNL with a cold open, a series of sketches including a news briefing styled after Weekend Update called Vital Information, and a musical guest. 

Created by Brian Robbins and Michael Tollin, All That featured Dan Schneider in the head writer's chair for the first four seasons. It was Schneiders idea to assemble the cast before writing the pilot script so that the show would highlight each member's acting and comedic strengths. Following Schneider's departure from the show, he helped launch a host of spin-offs featuring ex-members of the All That cast, including Kenan & Kel, The Amanda Show, Drake & Josh, and Zoey 101. The pilot was shot on January 17, 1994, in front of a live studio audience at Nickelodeon Studios at Universal Orlando. Famous repeating sketches included Good Burger, Detective Dan, the Loud Librarian, and Everyday French with Pierre Escargot. 

After the first two seasons, the show moved to Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, California. It was filmed at the Nickelodeon on Sunset studios, also the home of the Kenan & Kel, Drake & Josh, and the Amanda Show. Brian Robbins would go on to become the president of Nickelodeon, and in 2019 he announced a revival of All That for the network with Kenan Thompson brought on as an executive producer.

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